Friday, March 20, 2009

Purpose of this blog - growing food to prevent starvation!

Welcome to the Urban Sharecropping blog.

The purpose of this blog is to promote an ancient idea, but to bring it into the urban twenty-first century.

Sharecropping is the concept of renting farmland and paying with a percentage of the crops you grow.

My goal is to encourage people to do that in cities. Think of all the backyards that are being used for nothing more productive that growing turf suitable for a miniature golf course.

Why not till the yards, add compost, and grow food?

I believe that this concept has so much potential, that I am willing to spend some of my limited time and energy promoting it.

This blog will provide knowledge resources to people who are unfamiliar with gardening. It will also provide a link to allow people to buy the best deal in heirloom seeds on the market: Survivalist Seeds!

Stay tuned.

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